Umbridge… Why do we hate her more than Voldemort?

Umbridge, is the most hated one compared to other villain characters including Lord Voldemort. She is the most remember Defense of The Dark Arts teacher in Hogwarts history. From Uncle Vernon to Aunt Petunia. From Dudley to Draco Malfoy, or even Lord Voldemort, where they appear in every book. They are still likable compare to Umbridge.

However, I think every Harry Potter fan agrees that the new antagonist character who took an important role in Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix is the most hated one. Whether you read the books, or just watch the franchise movie saga.

A Control-Freak Teacher

I read Harry Potter for the first time in 2001. I grew up with the Harry Potter stories since my school days. As a genius author, JK Rowling tried to follow her loyal readers as they aged.

For students who are always busy with homework, assignments, and exams, Harry Potter is a world of escape. And at every school, there must be at least one a bossy-control freak teacher. The one who easily to get angry. Scaring the students. Teachers that will traumatize some children. JK Rowling was genius to depict this type of teacher. It’s not like I want to bad-mouthing about women in my writing, but usually, the bossy-control-freak teacher who happened to be a female is scarier than male teacher. They usually very talkative and bossy. And that is Dolores Jane Umbridge.


Umbridge in her office with her cat pictures & pink decorative wall.

A sane student, a normal human being, will certainly hate bullying. From the first book of Harry Potter, we have shown the character Draco Malfoy who likes to bully Harry Potter and his friends who are not pureblood, or Weasley family who is a traitor and poor.

Umbridge is a bully. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Prof. Trelawney is a super weird, and extraordinary nerd teacher, who is funny, and good at fortune-telling. Although Trelawney was very well played by Emma Thompson, I think Trelawney’s character in the book is much funnier. She usually makes fans laugh out loud, especially when it’s related to Weasley or her predictions that seem stupid and don’t make sense, but funnily will come true.

When Umbridge arbitrarily bullied and kicked Trelawney out of Hogwarts, fans get crazy. That moment, we hate Umbridge more than ever.

Umbridge & Her Stupid Edicts

Umbridge is a Ministry ass-licker. She forbid any joyful activity in order to rule Hogwarts. She hates students who love to date, or playing and running in the corridors of the school and laughing. As the common enemy, she makes the most loved lesson, Defense of the Dark Arts, like hell.

As Ministry of Magic’s spy, she issued a decree after an edict, making her  suitable to be Mr. Filch’s mother. Or Aunt Marge twin sister. Her satisfaction is to make children miserable. Her satisfaction is to make children suffer.  When she tried to get rid of Dumbledore, her political plays showed how ambitious she was to be in the No.1 in Hogwarts, or even as way to get her a better position in the Ministry.

As Peter Baelish from Game of Thrones said, Chaos is A Ladder. Umbridge made her own ladder, leading to the top of power. But, like Peter Baelish, she too fell as the ladder was too high for her to climb.

Voldemort is Likeable?

Perhaps Voldemort tolerate children more than Umbridge. Voldemort  has followers. Loyal friend. “Bestfriends”. For those who are loyal. Umbridge, however, hates adults as well, not only children. Although her so-called reign was brief, it’s cruel and annoying.

She also appears in Deathly Hallows, because she wears a necklace bought from Mundugus Fletcher which turns out to be a Slytherin pendant and is one of the Horcruxes, and ends up being knocked out by Harry Potter. Where the S on the necklace is short for the name of Selwyn, the surname of her made-up family name.

Responsible for Sending the Dementors to Little Whinging

Harry Potter’s confession at the end of the Triwizard Tournament regarding Lord Voldemort’s return, infuriated many wizards, especially in the Ministry, where Umbridge worked. Before being assigned by the Ministry to spy on Dumbledore, two Dementors attacked Harry and Dudley in Little Whinging. Even though it is not very clear in the novel, JK Rowling seems to suggest that Umbridge is the one responsible for this action, in hopes of expelling Harry Potter before the Ministry of Magic assigned her as a teacher at Hogwarts.

The End of Umbridge

I would rather compare Umbridge’s “end” when she came to power at Hogwarts. Because for fans, of course, when Hermione tricked Umbridge to be entering the forbidden forest, it reveals Umbridge’s true feelings that she doesn’t like children, and would rather loves her cat photos and her pink outfits.

The end of Voldemort and Umbridge would have been guessed by loyal readers and viewers alike, however, the end of Umbridge being dragged away by Centaurus in the Forbidden Forest, and going half-crazy, was far more satisfying than Lord Voldemort’s death.

As explained in the Wizarding World,  after the Second Wizarding War, Dolores Umbridge is sentenced to life and rot in Azkaban prison forever, for her crimes against muggle-born magical society, when in fact, she is half-blooded. Just like Lord Voldemort.

So, do you agree, that Umbridge is the antagonist we hate the most in the entire Harry Potter saga?

Please, let me know in the comment section.

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