Umbridge… Why do we hate her more than Voldemort?

Umbridge, is the most hated one compared to other villain characters including Lord Voldemort. She is the most remember Defense of The Dark Arts teacher in Hogwarts history. From Uncle Vernon to Aunt Petunia. From Dudley to Draco Malfoy, or even Lord Voldemort, where they appear in every book. They are still likable compare to Umbridge.

However, I think every Harry Potter fan agrees that the new antagonist character who took an important role in Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix is the most hated one. Whether you read the books, or just watch the franchise movie saga.

A Control-Freak Teacher

Wizarding World,  after the Second Wizarding War, Dolores Umbridge is sentenced to life and rot in Azkaban prison forever, for her crimes against muggle-born magical society, when in fact, she is half-blooded. Just like Lord Voldemort.

So, do you agree, that Umbridge is the antagonist we hate the most in the entire Harry Potter saga?

Please, let me know in the comment section.

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