Short Story

Two Old Astronauts in A Birthday Party

A long wave of golden light swimming and playing inside the transparent box. Then it’s vanished as an old man and an old woman appeared from nothing, replaced the long golden light.

“Mr. & Mrs. Kolvo?” asked a guy with a tight grayish suit.

“Yes. We are,” said the old woman. Both of them stepped out of the box.

“This way, Sir, Ma’am. The party is just about to begin. You are the last attendees.”

The guy pressed a remote on his hand, and the teleportation box closed in a sec. Turned itself off. The spouse followed the men and walked through the hall. They could hear their own steps. Mrs. Kolvo looked at her husband, smiling.

“Is it that hard to smile a bit?” asked her. Mr. Kolvo looked at his wife. He didn’t seem interest at the first time she asked him to go to the party.

“I never thought that we’re going to walk this damn hall again,” he said, grinding his teeth.

“Come on, honey. We’re visiting old friends,”

“I’m visiting an old enemy,”

“Really? After all this time?”

“I’m here just to accompany my stubborn wife, who doesn’t want to hear her husband.”

“Gosh! It’s a reunion!”


Mrs. Kolvo rolled his eyes. They arrived at the ballroom. A long banner flying right above the door caused by the zero gravity around top of the door.


Several colorful balloons were hovering above the ceiling near to the banner. Mr. Kolvo looked at them with dislikes. As they approach, music orchestra played the song ending then stopped. The orchestra began the second song. Mr. Kolvo drank a mini-glass of wine with just one swallow. In fact, Mr. Kolvo was a person who could get easily drunk. Mr. Kolvo didn’t like to talk too much either. It happens after the war finished. Everyone knew about it. The war changed him. He didn’t want to associate with people anymore, except his wife. The orchestra stopped. Then, an old man, with a big nose and a scar on his neck, stepped to the stage and talk to the microphone.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of my friends for coming to celebrate my 69th birthday party. As the chief of Andromeda Astronaut Alumni, it’s such an honor to hold our reunion after 15 years of retirement. It’s really important for us to re-engage our friendship, to strengthen our networks, and to remember what was passed.”

Mr. Krux staring at Mr. Kolvo’s eyes as he said the last sentence. He said it with smile. They are staring at each other for a second, then, Mr. Krux continued,

“I would also say thank you to those who voted me, as, I am being selected as a chancellor in three times consecutive period in the United Galaxy. I am truly your representative for your voice and we will make the galaxy even more peaceful than before,”

As Mr. Krux gave his speech and people cheering, in silent, Mr. Kolvo came up to the stage, bringing two glasses of wine, and grabbed Mr. Krux’s microphone. Mrs. Kolvo came up to the stage to calm down her tipsy husband. But, this time, Mr. Kolvo was unstoppable. He said in the microphone,

“Hello, everyone. I know you’re all talking behind me, whispering, why an ex-astronaut would be a such a douchebag like me.”

Mrs. Kolvo worry happened. Her husband was drunk as hell. She tried to grab her down the stage but Mr. Kolvo refused. People watched the drama as Mr. Kolvo continued his interruption with his drunken voice,

“I don’t fuckin’ care about it. What I care is this old man standing right next to me has become one of the greatest astronaut in our history after 15 years of retirement and served as astronaut and scientist representative in the United Damn Galaxy. I remember I am the one who in charge to explore a ghost-planet named Carla-D51X, with him and the team, during the big war. I am the one who knew what happened in Carla-D51X. He, Mr. Krux, he–“

Mr. Kolvo pointed his finger to Mr. Krux as he said this. Mrs. Kolvo knew what her husband going to say and she tried to grab the microphone. “Stop it!” Mrs. Kolvo begged her husband, but her husband took it away and moved to the other side.

“–he saved our life as the enemy troop tried to interrupt our big mission.”

Everyone clapping. Mrs. Kolvo sighed. She had a bad feeling about this. That’s why she kept close to her husband.

“I invited you all to make a minute of silence to remember those who died on our mission to explore the ghost planets to search the source needed to stop the war. To remember our friends.”

Everyone closed their eyes, and touch their left chest with their right hands. Silence for about a minute, then, Mr. Kolvo continued,

“I would like to invite Mr. Krux and everyone, to have a toast, and give his speech, and to confirm his action of saving our mission as stated in all media, and written in our history.”

Mr. Krux took the drink hesitantly from Mr. Kolvo. Everyone raised their drinks and yell at the same time, “To The Fallen!”, then drank the wine in only a second. Mr. Kolvo and Mr. Krux were staring at each other with hatred. Mr. Krux took microphone from Mr. Kolvo.

“Thank you, Mr. Kolvo who always interrupting,” he said. Everyone laughed when Mr. Krux tried to warmly hug his old friend but Mr. Kolvo refused with an annoying face. Mr. Krux laughed and smiled to the camera, “What a nice words you offered to me. I would confirm that I truly did save our fellow astronauts on the—“

“You son of a bitch!” It happened so fast. Mr. Kolvo hit Mr. Krux face right in the right eye and screamed, “You’re the one who killed them!! You are the member of the treason troops in disguise! You son of a bitch!”

It was a winning fight for Mr. Kolvo. Mr. Krux didn’t even try to fight back. Mr. Kolvo have hit Mr. Krux in the face several times, before police officers came and separated them apart. Mr. Krux’s face was awful. Blood ran out of his nose. Mrs. Kolvo face was tight and strong, and she’s holding her husbands arm, tried to calm him down. She’s crying.

Mr. Krux walked approaching Mr. Kolvo then whispered on his ear, said sentences that only could hear by Mr. Kolvo.

“Yes,” he whispered. “I did kill your sister, Casa, and your loving boyfriends, Goha and Gota. I confessed. I killed them, and now, I killed you,” said Mr. Krux, with watery eyes.

Every woman on that ballroom screamed. Both of Mr. Krux and Mr. Kolvo fell down to ground at the same time, and started having convulsions.

“No!” screamed Mrs. Kolvo as she hugged his husband, and put his husband’s head to her lap. “Medical team! Please! Please, help us! Help my husband! Please,” she kept screaming.

Black blood came out of Mr. Kolvo’s mouth. Mr. Kolvo and Mr. Krux were staring at each other in their convulsions. Mr. Kolvo was smiling, looking at his enemy’s dying. It was his winning. He kept his revenge for the last 15 years, and now it’s fulfilled. He felt that his ready to die when his smile vanished when he started to realized Mr. Krux faked his convulsion as the blue poison were flowing out of his mouth instead of black blood. At Mr. Kolvo’s very last moment, Mr. Krux smiled at Mr. Kolvo, that only Mr. Kolvo could see it as a smile, a mocking smile, right before he died.


By David Chandra
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