The Origin of Mulan in The Ancient Chinese Folklore

No one can ever confirm whether Mulan is a real human being or just a fictional character. However, the first original manuscript from the 12th Century by Guo Maoqian about her story still exists.

For the Chinese people, in their home country, mainland China, as well as for their descendants who are scattered all over the world, Hua Mulan is highly praised and used as a benchmark and idol for someone in maintaining family dignity. Especially for women, who are usually always in the view of second class citizens, in all social settings. Among all Disney Princesses, Mulan could lead the #MeToo movement.

Against the Emperor’s rules, she disguised as a man to sneak into a military camp to represent his aging father. Hua Mulan fights in the vanguard of the Chinese army on the battlefield to drive out Northern invaders.

Do you still remember Princess Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings, who also disguised and managed to kill King Angmar? Long before her, Hua Mulan was already written in 6th-century poetry in the Tang Dynasty, by a poet named Guo Maoqian. Quite similar to Studio Ghibli‘s The Legend of Princess Kaguya to the Japanese, Mulan is one of the oldest folklore in ancient China.

Is She Real or Fictional?

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