Only Yesterday: How to deal with our own past

In contrast to Disney or Pixar which are mostly intended for children’s viewing, there are many Studio Ghibli films that in my opinion, for animation features, which are originally intended for children rather than adults. Because of the stories, Ghibli made most of his films too poetic to be digested and “consumed” by children.

Such as its coming of age film, The Tale of Princess Kaguya which illustrates the divine principle, that in the end, everything belongs only to God, or too sad like The Wind Rises which told a story about someone who tries to reach a dream to the meaning of sincerity, or too depressed like Grave of The Fireflies about the effects of war on innocent children who don’t know anything.

Although, there are also Studio Ghibli works that are suitable for children’s viewing such as Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Cat’s Return to Ponyo, which hides certain issues very well.

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