The Magician's Nephew

The Magician's Nephew

Narnia: A Stunning Creation of A Whole New World

After Mulan and Ghibli, I decided to review Narnia, The Magician’s Nephew. It’s the beginning story of The Chronicles of Narnia. Unlike the Harry Potter saga, they published Narnia in random order.

Diggory’s Adventure in Narnia

In the first franchise of the Narnia franchise, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe tells a story of Pevensie siblings who have to leave London due to the Nazi invasion. They went to a rural area to the home of an old professor, named Prof. Diggory Kirke. Little Diggory Kirke is the main character in the first Narnia story. It was the summer of 1900. In the colonial era, Diggory’s father may be apart of the colonial army as a Christian missionary assigned to India.

Diggory’s mother was very sick. As an only child, he lived with his sick mother and uncle. Meanwhile, his uncle, Andrew, was a loner so-called himself a scientist. Diggory was lonely. Not until he meets Polly Plummer and suddenly become friends. They decided to take a tour of an old house, which turns out to be two or more houses connecting to each other. They accidentally “annoyed” Diggory’s uncle. This is where the story begins.

Narnia: A Multiverse Concept

What I really love about The Magician’s Nephew is the multiverse concept. In the book, Uncle Andrew trapped Polly to be his guinea-pig to go to another world before confessed he was studying magic. He finally managed to convince Diggory to take another ring, put it on and go to bring Polly back to earth. Later, he finds himself in a mystical forest. Not far from him, Polly was there too. The forest is full of small ponds. Diggory firmly believed that the forest with the ponds was not just a regular forest. But it similar to their houses in England which connected to each other.

Before returning back home, Diggory and Polly agreed to explore one of the pools. So, they go.

This is probably a wonderful imagination created by CS Lewis and remains as one of the best classics. Compare to Alice in Wonderland that provides a sole world, CS Lewis gives us multiple worlds. A multiverse. The Worlds Behind the Worlds.

When Diggory & Polly jumped and entered a pole, they suddenly transported into a world called Charn. Its sun was very dim. Almost becoming a supernova. The world filled with ruins. No trees. No life. As if the war had ended and everyone left the planet.

Jadis & the Planet of Charn

In my opinion, this novel is a bit of horror for a children’s novel. Maybe there is an ambiance like you’re watching Insidious. When there are corpses sat on chairs and covered with white nets. It’s kinda creepy. Diggory and Polly also saw something similar seeing statues sitting in rows on benches in the ruins of a palace. They were all Kings and Queens of Charn from generation to generation with various expressions. It was a tomb.

Not far away from the tomb, there was a bell and a hammer. Poetry was written on the stone.

Make your choice adventurous stranger,
strike the bell and bide the danger,
or wonder, till it drives you mad,
what would have followed if you had.

Thus, this poetry is like tempting the reader to ring the bell with a hammer. I really think a spell was put in it which can affect the reader.

Here, at last, Diggory is tempted to ring the bell with a hammer, even though Polly keeps saying no. At first, nothing happened, maybe a little vibration and echo. So finally, one of the statues from the line of many statues of the king and queen of Charn’s ruler rose. And she is Queen Jadis.

Jadis is the Witch Queen who causes destruction and apocalypse in the world of Charn. She was the last ruler to fight against his own sisters, and in the end, she won. However, she was the sole survivor.

She then conjured herself to sleep as long as possible in order to stay alive. The spell would break if someone rang the bell. And that person is Diggory. Prof. Diggory Kirke that we know at The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.

Going Back to Earth

These two children know Jadis seems like a bad creature, and they attempted to escape. As long as I remember reading the novel, Charn finally collapsed completely. Jadis went along with these two out of Charn’s World, and the three of them enter London, to our Earth.

However, Jadis’s magic didn’t work in our world. But, she was extremely strong. No one can stop her. She also despised Uncle Andrew for being an amateur wizard. The two then left home with an ego of defeating the world.

They also robbed a jewelry store in London. The police chased them, but no avail. Maybe, the police also shot them, but, because she was so strong, the bullets couldn’t get through her body. Previously, she broke a lamppost near Kirke’s house and used it to beat people.

Finally, Diggory and Polly used Uncle Andrew’s ring one more time to bring Jadis out of the Earth. Uncle Andrew, a taxi driver named Frank, and his wife Helen, and a horse teleported to the mystical forest.

This horse drank the water in the pond and got into and got stuck in it. Diggory thinks it’s Charn, but Jadis says, it’s not Charn, but a world that hasn’t been created yet.

It was at this time that they witnessed Aslan creating Narnia, with his chants. Aslan fascinated them when creating that world as Aslan is like a God. The author made Jesus Christ and the Bible as inspiration anyway.

The Creation of Narnia

They all entered Narnia World for the first time. Diggory and Polly are mesmerized by Aslan’s singing, on the other hand, Jadis is burning with a sense of hatred. She tried to kill Aslan and hit him with a post-cut lamp stick from London earlier but to no avail.

This broken pole lamp stick was the origin of the pole lamp in Narnia and is the only one in that world. The lamp is always there. Alive. Never dies, like a plant.

The Tree of Life, A Resemblance of Biblical Story

Like the stories in the Bible or the Quran, about the apple of the tree of life which was the sole reason God expelled Adam & Eve and sent them down to Earth, CS Lewis took this idea to form The Magician’s Nephew. Aslan asked Diggory to go to a garden. Diggory’s job was to take apples from this tree of life, but not to eat them. But to plant it in Narnia.

Diggory and Polly set off on the flying horse Aslan created, and head to this park. Arriving at the park, Diggory takes the apple, but there is Jadis who had previously run away from Aslan. Jadis took the apple with the hope of eternal life.

Because Jadis is also mirroring the devil who seduced Adam and Eve in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But it closer to Christianity. Aslan was the son of the King across the Ocean. Just like in Christianity where Jesus was the Son of God.  Jadis tempts Diggory to eat the apple, or bring the apple to earth to heal his mother. But Diggory remembered his mother’s message that stealing was bad, and Diggory didn’t do it. Diggory passes this test, takes an apple, and, with Polly, leave Jadis alone.

Going back to Earth

The apple was eventually planted in Narnia and grew up. Aslan gave a fruit from the new tree to Diggory before they returned to Earth. He gave the apple to Diggory’s mother, and the mother was cured. Frank & Helen decided to live in Narnia and Aslan coronated them as the first King & Queen and rule the entire population of Narnia and protect it from the crimes of Jadis. All animals could also speak like humans.

Uncle Andrew left magic but still proud of his experiences with the white witch. The seed from the apple tree was planted by Diggory in his yard, and grew big, but did not bear fruit. One day the tree fell, and old Diggory made a cupboard out of the apple tree. So, this was the origin of the wardrobe that Lucy Pevensie used to enter the world of Narnia many years later. Opening up new adventures for the new kids after Diggory, to Narnia.

An alternate world full of imaginations.

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