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Baby Yoda: Exciting Theory You Might Never Know

Baby Yoda is one of the most elusive and cutest beings in the Star Wars universe. Where did it originally come from? Why does everyone want it desperately? Before Disney+ launched, The Mandalorian appeared to be a window into the Star Wars criminal underworld.

The series reveals that in the first few episodes that a Mandalorian is a bounty hunter. He is apart from being on a hunt is also protecting a baby that may be the most important beings in the universe.

Baby Yoda already in the first episode makes fans going wild with his role in the series. Most of them have been left asking questions that Star Wars can’t think of explaining back to the audience. The Mandalorian is protecting an unnamed infant that is the same species as Yoda. In the series, nobody yet knows the origin of the baby Yoda species, but yet the audience already intrigued with the tiny being character.

Where did baby Yoda come from? What’s the theory behind baby Yoda and the universe at large? In today’s review, I am going to break down the theories behind Baby Yoda and its origin.

Mandalorian as a Father Figure

Pedro Pascal Casts as The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series.

If you are new to the Mandalorian series, a Mandalorian called Mando received a job offer to return a 50-year-old alien which turns out to be a baby Yoda to a man credited only as “The Client”. The Client looks like a dictator an imperial. He wears an Empire’s sigil. Stormtroopers are protecting him. We can conclude that his intentions towards Baby Yoda looks evil and has some evil malpractices behind it. This is because he paid the bounty to bring the baby Yoda dead or alive.

This brings us to the question of why would he want the baby Yoda so badly? There are only three canon appearances of this kind of creature: Yoda himself, a character named Yaddle, who was an extra in The Phantom Menace, and the baby from The Mandalorian known only as of the Child.

Besides their physical similarity from the two species, the audience concerns the two of them because Star Wars have never explained it. The second episode of The Mandalorian reveals that the Child is actually Force-sensitive. He is lifting a large alien off the ground with a wave of its little hand. This somehow concludes that maybe all the species could be force sensitive at birth. This gives intel on The Client’s motive.

Throughout the Star Wars films, the Empire is fixated on Force-sensitive beings. Once the Empire with the Jedi decides to hunt on them species, The whole group with force sensitivity is hunted down all over the galaxy, captured, and killed.

Where are all the Jedi warriors?

Empire hunts down and assassinates all the Jedi warriors all over the galaxy. Now, while The Mandalorian takes place after Return of the Jedi (or after the Empire is collapsed), could the Client still want to murder baby Yoda?

This might be a possibility but at the same, the deal is maybe he wants to do some experiments on baby Yoda? This is also a possibility since the imperial remnants want to know why the baby is so strong with the force.

They think of an idea of maybe they could extract some powers from the Yoda. This could also bring us to another theory that maybe the baby Yoda could be a clone.

In the episode, “Chapter 3: The Sin,” the Mandalorian finds the Child in the laboratory of the Client’s associate, Dr. Pershing. Pershing is a scientist who sports a Kamino emblem on his jacket. This is the same emblem, that clones do wear in Attack of the Clones. This also tells us something about the bounty that was made probably the client wants to clone the child or maybe the child is a clone already and they want to get him back to the lab for reviews and scientific breakthroughs.

Previous Baby Yoda Theory was false

Another theory that circulates over the internet that the Child is actually Yoda himself or a clone is now wrong. But, fans make this theory long when the first trailer came up. It could be a clone and, sure, that technically makes it Yoda, but we’re being quite literal here. It could actually be a baby Yoda through… time travel. Wait, before you roll your eyes and click away, there is actual, definitive evidence of time travel in Star Wars.

The animated series, Star Wars Rebels, does quite a bit to flesh out the universe. Some leaked spoilers through that episode suggest that Protagonist Ezra Bridger discovers some other dimension in the universe. That somehow connects the different points that are in time and also space at the same time using force. The dimensions expect to have a time entry and a time exit in a different world.

This type of breakthrough gets to happen to one of the characters Ahsoka Tano. As Ezra pulls her out of a losing fight with Darth Vader to the present day. This after Ezra exits to one dimension and enters another to rescue Tano on time. That said, this concludes that there is a possibility for baby Yoda to have time-traveled from his origins but still yet explained well on this situation.

The Baby Yoda has a name!

In the last episode of The Mandalorian, The Jedi, answered some of the questions of baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is an infant of the same species. His name of Grogu. But at the same time, you would ask yourself if the species has a home planet or maybe if they reproduce or maybe create life? Or maybe could Yoda species be a manifestation into existence? While we could be asking ourselves all these questions about the baby Yoda species, we could be noted down that maybe baby Yoda being a mystery makes it all exciting to watch and to discover more about the species in the rest of the Star Wars universe.

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